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Construction Finance & Job Costing | Interview Prep from Origin Staffing:

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Construction Job Costing  | Cost Codes, Bids, Budgets, Job Profitability

Construction Cash Flow | Top Reasons for Cash Flow Problems for construction contractors

Cash Forecasting for Construction Companies | How Long will my cash last? (with follow up course available)


Construction Job Closeout  | How it affects Job Profitability

Break-even Revenue Calculator for Construction Companies | Direct Cost, Fixed Costs, Burden, etc.

Retention Management for construction projects | Money the customer holds (1%, 5% or 10%) until 100% completion / Cash Flow implications

Construction Project Cash Flow  | Example Project

Construction Accounting – Percentage of Completion | The correct structure affects everything (Bonding, Banking / Lines of Credit, Tax Liabilities)


Construction Project Cash Flow Statement | Example


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