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CAM (Common Area Maintenance) Accounting Advice | Streamlined Leases, Agreed upon Budget, CAM Reconciliations

3 Common Commercial Leases | Percentage Lease, Gross Lease, Net Lease

Depreciation for Commercial Real Estate | Various Schedules (39 years for commercial)

How to set fees in Commercial Real Estate | Base management fees, operational costs & other considerations

Journal Entries when purchasing a new property | Example walk through in QuickBooks

What is a REIT – Real Estate Investment Trust | Advantages of REITs

4 Main Types of Commercial Real Estate | Multi-Family (Apartments), Retail, Industrial, Office

FASB Accounting Rule changes for commercial real estate leases | New Rules with ASC 842

Old vs. New Lease Accounting | Differences in ASC 840 vs. ASC 842

Lease Accounting Rules | Variable Leases

VAT on Commercial Property Transactions  | How it may apply (mostly for EU)

Behavioral Interview Questions | If you get stuck, use the: Experience, Learn & Grow framework:

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  2. Sample Interview questions for Property Accountants

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