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Corporate Tax – Global Tax Structure | Interview Prep from Origin Staffing:

O | Corporate Tax Leadership – FYI on latest tax laws – Interview Prep Videos:

Top M&A issues for Global Companies with new US Tax rules| Debt Structuring & Acquisition Financing:


Key Provisions of new US Tax Laws| Effect on Global Companies:

International Tax Provisions after US Tax Reform | Then & Now:

US Tax Reform | Effect of Financial Models:

Transfer Pricing | Post US Tax Reform


Accounting for Income Statements (per ASC 740) | Considerations for Investment Professionals:


O | Executive Level (Director / VP) General Interview Prep Videos:

Executive Interview Preparation| Have a Plan:

Behavioral Interview Questions | If you get stuck, use the: Experience, Learn & Grow framework:

Executive Level Interview Advice | 3 areas of focus:


O | Global Corporate Tax Interview Preparation Articles & Other Resources:

  1. Tax Manager Interview Questions
  2. Most common Big 4 Interview Questions

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