FP&A for Technology (SaaS) & E-Commerce Companies – Interview Preparation

FP&A – Technology (SaaS) & E-Commerce Industries | Interview Prep from Origin Staffing:

O | Interview Prep Videos:

Transforming FP&A| Importance of Real Time Operational Finance & KPIs


Sales Data Modeling for E*Commerce Companies | Business Intelligence tools in Excel


Valuation of start-up E-Commerce Companies | Financial Modeling


Evolution of FP&A Business Partner | Importance of speed & ability to influence

Start up funding explained | Many SaaS & E-Commerce firms use this model to scale the business


E-Commerce Technical Testing – Interview Topics | Background data for finance teams to keep in mind when partnering with Ops & IT teams (this is what keeps IT up at night, its important to understand the technical ramp-up in order to add value with big picture business decisions)


Analytics & Cloud Computing for E-Commerce Company (Harry’s) | Integrating Systems

SaaS Business Model & Metrics | Understanding the key operational & financial drivers


Behavioral Interview Questions | If you get stuck, use the: Experience, Learn & Grow framework:


O | Interview Preparation Articles & Other Resources:

  1. 5 Good Questions to ask when interviewing with Operational Leadership of a SaaS Company – can apply to finance professionals when they are true business partners for Ops & Sales
  2. Be Ready for these 10 Interview Questions a Hiring Manager may ask
  3. FP&A for SaaS – Metrics to consider – a guide to what matters | great blog by David Skok (SaaS entrepreneur & VC investor)
  4. The Angel VC – Thoughts on Internet startups, SaaS and early-stage investing from Christoph Janz @ Point Nine Capital – referred to as THE German expert in SaaS mechanics, and the angel investor with the deepest SaaS know-how.

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