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Whether it is a new position related to your company's planned growth, one that has opened up because of internal promotions, or replacing a valued employee who has moved on, Origin can help. Our pool of candidates are fully screened and interested in new possibilities. We receive inquiries all the time for candidates that might be the perfect fit for you and your team.

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You're ready for a new opportunity and want to see what is available right now. That's great! You can, of course, review our list of published positions. We suggest you certainly do that, but remember that we also have listings with employers who do not wish the positions to be publicly listed. Now's the time to reach out to one of our recruiters to see what else might be waiting for you.

Career Planning

Why Process Matters

Our Process Goes Deeper

  • Creates deeper understanding of candidates in terms of skill, culture, and team dynamics
  • Helps build the right compensation package for the right candidate
  • Goes beyond the job title and requirements for better matches
  • Increases retention rates through deliberate matching

Our Process is Needs-focused

  • Looks beyond the immediate match to build careers
  • Leverages experience and skill to help both employee and employer grow
  • Puts the work of discovery up front to reduce overall delays in successful hires
  • Connects candidates to more satisfying work experiences for better value for all

Want to find out more about Origin?

Finding the right fit between opportunities and candidates is as important to us as it is for you. We have a dedication to processes and relationships that have served to make that great match repeatedly and reliably. You want to be sure you're working with a partner that understands your goals and we deliver.

Client and Candidate Reviews

I worked with Andrei and I enjoyed the process. At origin the preparation is very solid and the recruiter helped me with each step of the process. The industry knowledge is great as well and helped me to make an informed choice at the end. Would recommend to accounting professionals looking for a new place to branch out to.

- Jeff H.

As a Big 4 Tax Senior Manager searching for a new professional opportunity, I am glad to have found Origin. The team was very responsive and professional. I was fortunate to work with Andrei who was an incredibly valuable resource throughout the process. He is knowledgeable in the industry and always went the extra mile to ensure that I was prepared to be the best candidate for every opportunity. I would absolutely recommend Origin and would certainly work with Andrei again!

-Katelyn D.

I had a great experience working with Devin Martinez who helped me seek out private equity opportunities while coming from a corporate finance role. Devin is knowledgeable, communicative and candid. His guidance and insight regarding the industry and interview process gave me confidence that I was well-prepared at each stage. He went above and beyond in addressing any questions and concerns that I had and was accommodating with my schedule. Devin made what can typically be a stressful process very easy and seamless. Highly recommend working with Devin!

-David M.

Max listened incredibly well and was able to identify what opportunities would be a good knowledge and personality fit for me as I switched from being a CPA in public accounting to working the in private equity space. He was an advocate for me and was able to effectiveness communicate my strengths to potential employers. He was an excellent communicator, always keeping me apprised of next steps and the status of our ongoing work together. He went above and beyond throughout the process and stood out tremendously among his peers. I’m so grateful for Max and the opportunities I was introduced to through Origin!

-Sarah G.

As a finance executive with over two decades of experience in the market for a new opportunity, Andrei became a trusted partner and indispensable resource in a recent search. It was refreshing to finally work with an experienced recruiter that didn't only focus on his client's needs. Andrei took the time to understand my requirements, stepped into my shoes and worked collaboratively with me in identifying roles that were a mutual fit for both the Company and I, and ultimately, coached and patiently advised me through the journey, setting up appropriate expectations from both the Company perspective and my perspective. Having helped me successfully land a fantastic new role, I look forward to continuing our partnership over the years to come and in building out my team. I would highly recommend Andrei and Origin for all your staffing needs.

Tony C.


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