Third Party Fund Administration

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O | Third Party Fund Administration Recruiting Verticals:

Fund Services / Fund Accounting – In order to verify and distribute assets that are tied to investments, a fund services group (third party company) will act as intermediary between both fund managers and investors. While the roles of a fund administrator can vary depending on both the type of fund and the industry that they fall under, many responsibilities are shared across them.


  • Responsible for the day-to-day investor servicing/onboarding, accounting, and reporting for private equity, hedge, mutual, venture capital and real estate funds.
  • Preparing and reviewing US GAAP Financial statements and partner allocations.
  • Processing GL activities for transactions across investments, funds, and investors.
  • Ensuring fund waterfall, NAV, and management fee calculations are interpreted in accordance with varying fund documents.
  • Interacting with clients daily for requests and servicing projects.
  • Follow Risk and Compliance procedures for both regulatory requirements and Anti Money Laundering legislation
  • Act as point of contact for year-end external audits
  • Handling cash activity, bank reconciliations, and wire transfers for different funds
  • Participating in regular technology and information reviews, identifying potential process enhancements and implementation alternatives.

Private Equity Funds

  • Investment vehicle that pools capital from investors and uses it to purchase stake in public and private markets / companies. This fund plays an active role in these companies via additional capital and guidance. The goal is to increase company growth and raise profits.


Hedge Funds

  • These funds are actively managed by investors who aim to achieve higher returns than the markets return. This fund strategy is more complex where the investment manager might invest in assets such as real estate, derivatives, and even tangible assets like art or fine wine. They often borrow money (leveraging) which lends this type of investment to be of higher-risk.


Venture Capital Funds

  • Common function is to provide funding for startup companies in exchange for a percentage stake in the company. While very risky, they have the potential to offer very high return opportunities. These vehicles are usually only accessible to accredited investors. These investors are often part of the board of directors and exit the company once they close an M&A deal or IPO


Real Estate Funds 

  • These funds invest in securities offered by public real estate companies or real estate investment trusts (REITs). Value is provided through the appreciation of the tangible assets. Real estate fund assets can be bought directly from the company that created the fund or from an online brokerage.


Fund of Funds 

  • A fund of funds (FOF) is usually structured as a mutual fund, hedge fund, or private equity fund. They usually invest in other alternative mutual funds or hedge funds. These portfolios consist of other funds’ portfolios rather than traditional investments such as stocks and bonds.


Helpful Fund Administration Designations & Career Resources:

  1. CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) – This certificate is a senior-level credential that helps equip finance professionals with the ability to provide expert advice about investments, accurately evaluate assets, and manage complex portfolios.
  2. CFS (Certified Fund Specialist) – Involves studying the fundamentals of exchange traded funds, mutual funds, real estate trusts, fund analysis and portfolio construction. This exam tests your ability to apply advanced investment strategies and risk management assessments to various types of funds.
  3. Reasons why Investment Funds choose a Third Party Fund Administrator


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